Our Goal

Our goal is to bring added happiness, health and fun to your dog's life. We want to reduce the anxiety your dog feels while you are away, and at the same time, reduce the anxiety you feel when you leave your dog home alone!

It's our job to be your dog's play date –whether it’s walking, playing fetch, practicing commands, or just giving tummy rubs and kisses – we'll do whatever makes your dog happy (and tired). What sets us apart from other dog walking companies is our commitment to giving your dog 100% of our attention during our visits– we walk your dog alone, never in a group or pack. We believe this gives your dog a more connected and fulfilling experience (us too!).

Four Reasons You Should Choose These Paws:

1) We’re professional – we’re fully insured, certified in pet first aid and CPR, and are members of Pet Sitters International and Professional Pet Sitters of MN.

2) We’re flexible – we’re available all day long, so you can choose a time that works best for you and your dog.

3) We’re reliable – because of our concentrated service area, your dog can be sure we’ll show up when we say we will – we’ll never be too far away!

4) WE LOVE DOGS! Most of our walkers left stable jobs with great benefits in the corporate world so they could spend their days playing with dogs—there is nothing more fulfilling to us than putting a smile on a dog’s (or cat’s) face.

E-mail Betsy at betsy@thesepaws.com or call 612.926.3600 to set-up a free consultation!
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