20 minutes of Walkin’: $20 + tax*
Great for the older dog who sleeps the day away, but needs a quick potty break, jaunt around the block or just some love mid-day.

30 minutes of Walkin’: $24 + tax*
Essential for puppies who desperately need a potty break AND some time to release their wild impulses to run and tug and tumble around. Also the perfect mid-day walk for any dog who just needs some excitement to spice up the day while they wait for their dogparents to come home!

45 minutes of Walkin’: $30 + tax*
Perfect for the high-energy dog or puppy, dogs with separation anxiety, or the dog you just love to spoil.

*Minimum of 2 walks/week. Add $3 to rate for each additional dog in household.

*Walkin’ includes feeding, walking, playtime, practicing tricks/commands, tummy rubs, etc.--whatever your dog likes best!

Pet Sitting:
Overnight (12-hour stay at your home): $70 + tax
( Add $5 + tax to rate for each additional animal in household.
Afternoon 30-minute visits between overnights are $24 + tax.)

30-min. Cat Sitting visits:
One cat: $20 + tax
Two cats: $25 + tax
Three or more cats: $30 + tax

For when you have to leave town and can’t take your best friend with you leave your dog safe and sound at home! You can relax knowing a professional, dedicated to your dog’s needs, will be caring for your dog while you’re away—and you won’t have to ask your family and friends for any more favors! We’ll bring in your mail, turn lights off/on and water the plants. And if you also have cats or other small animals, we can care for them, too!

Consultation: FREE
I will come to your home for about 30 minutes to get to know you and your dog(s); we’ll talk about your dog’s needs and personality, your expectations, scheduling, service agreement and any other questions you might have.

New Customer Discount: one free 30-minute walk
When you sign up for at least 10 walks, you will receive one free 30-minute walk (value=$24)

Inquire about any additional services your dog might need.


E-mail Betsy at betsy@thesepaws.com or call 612.926.3600 to set-up a free consultation!
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