“The women of "These Paws" are fabulous!  Our big, energetic golden doodle, Sandy, loves all of the care and TLC she gets from Lise, Nancy and Betsy.  We have been using their services for over three years.  They are so much more than a dog walking service -- I leave for the day knowing that Sandy will not only get a good walk in, but will get all the love and attention she so adores (so evident that her walks are not treated as a routine chore).  I also so appreciate Betsy and team's flexibility and patience with my crazy schedule, always fitting Sandy in for walks at a moment's notice when my schedule changes!  I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

-Deb (dog owner),
Alden Drive, Edina

Andy & Ronan

“We've had the good fortune of being able to utilize the services of These Paws since 2007. We completely trust Betsy and her team of walkers with our pups, and our pups love their walkers in return! In the time we've worked with Betsy, we've lost two dogs and welcomed two new dogs to our home; in each situation, Betsy grieved or celebrated with us. Betsy has become a part of our pups' extended family, and we consider ourselves lucky to have found such a compassionate, trustworthy, committed small business owner to whom we can give our business.”

-Cynthia & Chris (dog owners),
16th Ave S, Minneapolis


“These Paws is the best thing that ever happened to us and our dog!  From our first phone call to Betsy over a year ago, she put us at ease and made sure we had the best care for our new puppy and was more than accommodating to our needs and schedule.  Our dog walker, Meg, has been taking care of Junebug since she was a puppy (a crazy ball of energy) and has played such a positive role in her upbringing.  Meg is someone we trust who not only walks Junebug, but plays with her too, appreciates her goofy personality and lets us know the highlights of each visit.  She is absolutely professional, flexible, reliable and handles Junie with calm, patience and great affection...and we have valuable peace of mind knowing our girl is in such good hands while we are away at work.  We love Meg because we always come home to a happy dog.”

-Rob & Cathy (dog owners),
Pillsbury Ave, Minneapolis

Wally, CeCe & Francis

“When my husband and I moved to the Minnesota over three years ago, one of our biggest concerns was finding the perfect person to stay at our house with our two cats and two dogs when we go out of town. We were lucky enough to find These Paws and Nancy.  The love and care Nancy has shown through the years with both our aging special needs and young and energetic pets, has been amazing.  We can go on vacation and know our much loved pets are getting the best care available and when we get home, our house is spotless! These Paws is professional and responsible and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Greg and Amanda (Dog owners),
Ewing Ave S, Minneapolis


“These Paws' wonderful team of walkers have been walking our Golden Retriever every weekday for the last 6 years.  Our dog lies patiently near the front door every morning, waiting for his friends to show up and take him for a long walk by the creek, where he gets to sniff and run and just truly be a dog.  We know these walks are his favorite part of the day, and we are so relieved to know that he is being cared for and having fun while we are away at work all day.  And even though we know he loves the members of our family very much, we sometimes wonder if he loves his friends at These Paws more!  Their staff is reliable, trustworthy, caring, flexible, and fun.  We don't know what we, or our dog, would do without them.”

-Maria & Bob (dog owners),
W Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis

Lea & Tyler

“Betsy and her staff have become part of our family.  Their daily visits to the house to exercise, play with the pups in the backyard, feed and make sure both pups have had a potty break, have become invaluable to me.  The pups and I love her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a fun loving, professional, and responsible dog lover!”

-Jill (dog owner),
Fremont Ave S, Minneapolis


“Nancy has been – and continues to be - a huge part of our dog Willow’s life!  Nancy began walking Willow when she was just a pup and we were new to the neighborhood; she is now the sweetest, happiest 7-year-old dog.  Nancy showers Willow with love and attention and does all her favorite things (playing fetch, going for walks, and tummy-rubs) while we are at work.  We are fortunate to have found These Paws and for Willow to grow up surrounded by so much love!”

Garfield Ave S, Minneapolis

Walter, Archie & Ruby

“Meg has been walking our 3 dogs for several years, and she cares a great deal about them. Not only do we know they get a great walk, but she knows all of their little quirks and treats them with love and kindness. Our dogs adore her, and we have peace of mind knowing they are getting good exercise and are well cared for.

And when Meg has been on vacation, Betsy notifies us in advance, and she covers the walks herself with the same amount of care. These Paws is very professionally run and the staff are sincere animal lovers. 

We highly recommend them!”

-Harper & Norm (Dog owners),
Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis

Kipp (in memory of our dear friend)

“Betsy's team of Nancy, Chris, and Lindsay have been walking our very elderly dog Kipp for almost a year now, and they have all been wonderful additions to his care.  He loves his walks and having more people in his life!  Because of Kipp's age, it is important for everyone to be VERY attentive, which everyone has been. I especially appreciate receiving detailed communication (written notes or text messages) about how the walks go.  Betsy has been terrific in coordinating everything and being sensitive to my dog's special needs. I never worry about Kipp when he is with These Paws!”

-Maryann (dog owner),
Circle W, Edina
In memory of our dear friend Kipp


“There is nothing better than leaving your pup in the hands of someone who you know adores them as much as you do. Knowing that your little guy will get the desired belly rub and his favorite treats after a long fun walk while you're at work is unbeatable. From their professionalism, to their flexibility to their willingness to go above and beyond every week, Betsy and Nancy are a rare find that I hope to keep in my dogs life for a long time!  ”

Raleigh Ave, St Louis Park


“I have been home a few times when Meg has come to walk Disney so I have seen how excited he gets to see her!  It is great for him, and I love having a couple days a week when I don’t have to rush home from work to let him out!  Everyone on staff does a fantastic job with the animals, as well as the owners – so caring and understanding - not to mention flexible!  They have been able to help me out on unscheduled days with very little notice!  I would recommend ‘These Paws’ to anyone with a hectic schedule who understands that their dogs and cats can’t always, and don’t deserve to, wait for attention. ”

-Alana & Janet (Dog owners)
Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis

Spottie (in memory of our dear friend Molly)

“Lise and Betsy have a true love for animals, which is obvious every time they interact with our pups. Each walk is accompanied by lots of hugs and kisses plus a detailed note on the time of the walk and any other important updates. And they are extremely flexible; in case I need to change the time of the walk at the last minute…excellent communication. I never have even a single worry when they are around and trust them completely. ”

-Rhonda (dog owner)
Upton Ave. Linden Hills, Minneapolis
In memory of our dear friend Molly

Denali & Batman

“We could not be more pleased to work with Betsy and her wonderful team.  I’ve never had to worry about our two greyhounds when I’ve hired ThesePaws to walk or take care of them.  And, I our boys have communicated their love for Betsy and Nancy by displaying HUGE windmill tails with excitement upon seeing them walking other dogs.  I’ve found ThesePaws to be professional, kind, loving and overall amazing. I would highly recommend their care to anyone who loves their pets.”

-Justi (dog owner)
Upton Ave S, Minneapolis


“When we started looking for a dog walker our vet suggested we check out These Paws and boy, are we grateful we did!  From the moment our Brinks met Meg and Betsy, it was love at first sight. Dogs are great judges of character, and Brinks knew instantly that these were special people. I am frequently at home when Meg cames over for a "Brinks date" so I have seen how excited he gets when he hears her car approach from a block away. He knows he's going to have a great time walking with one of his best friends. Thank you, These Paws, for helping us keep our Brinks happy and healthy! ”

-Mary (dog owner)
Queen Ave S, Minneapolis


“When we had our baby, we realized we needed help to make sure our dog had exercise every day.  We knew right away we were in good hands with These Paws. Nancy and Lindsay are so loving and conscientious with our dog, Grace, and we really look forward to seeing them every week, too.  Grace pretty much loves everyone, but Nancy and Lindsay inspire a whole new level of adoration!  Grace has actually gone airborne jumping to greet them at the door for her walks. I can't imagine a better dog walking service.”

-Christina (Dog owner)
W 61st Street, Edina


“Lise and Betsy have given me and Winston so much! Peace of mind, exercise, companionship, name it! When I mention to Winston that Lise is coming his ears perk up and tail wag in anticipation. I was hesitant to sign up for dog walking but totally worth the cost and These Paws give you nothing to worry about!”

-Shilpa (dog owner)
Uptown Minneapolis

Peanut Louise

“You want me to say a little something about Miss Nancy? Where do I start? Miss Nancy is the best dog walking lady in the whole world. We are always terribly excited to see one another and greet each other enthusiastically. Then we take a walk together and share all of our secrets. One of the best things about Miss Nancy is that she understands me! I can tell her exactly what to write in our note to the mommies. Miss Nancy has a great sense of humor. After one ice walk she called me Peanut Louise Yamaguci which I thought was hilariously funny. Miss Nancy and I are best friends! Oh, yeah, my mommies think Miss Nancy is the greatest, too!”

-Peanut Louise (dog)
Harriet Ave S, Minneapolis

Keira & Dougal & Faramay

“With an erratic work schedule and two big dogs, I rely on Nancy to keep my pups occupied and happy. Nancy is so experienced that she can handle 200 pounds of dog who react to squirrels, other dogs and hostas. (Who knew they hold pee scent for days?) Nancy’s canine knowledge and loving care make sure my pack come home tired and unscathed.”

-Cynthia (Dog owner)
Emerson Ave South, Minneapolis

Jethro & Lola

“I am more than pleased to have found These Paws Were Made for Walking ("TPMW"). I have two hounds- a bloodhound and a coonhound - and besides being large, they are not the best leash walkers by any standards. TPMW though has such incredible staff that are patient with the hounds' noses leading the way and love my pups like family. In fact, my hounds get so excited to see any one of the walkers that they sing for joy. I can’t argue against that as proof of their "puppy love" for TPMW staffers. As a mom, I look forward to reading the note from my dogs updating me on the walk - it is always full of good humor. Makes any bad day at the office fall off my shoulders.  In short, if you need pet care, look no further.”

-Rebecca P. (dog owner)
Upton Ave S, Minneapolis

Maggie & Portia (in memory of our dear friends)

“I have a deep appreciation for These Paws.  Lise, Betsy, and Meg are far more than mere dog walkers.  They came for Maggie and Portia (both sadly deceased) rain or shine, whenever it was possible to take my dear companions out and about.  They were always friendly,prompt, reliable, and responsible. When I was not at home they always left a note with all the important details from the walk.  I never felt a moment's fear or hesitation regarding their care of Maggie and Portia and I trusted them completely.

My animals greeted the walker with absolute joy, huge doggie smiles, musical yipping and yapping and a twirling dance.  In return they were stroked and given loving words before that exciting walk. When Portia became ill they were compassionate, considerate, and always aware of exactly how much activity she was capable of for that day. Their care-giving and scheduling was tempered to meet my sick doggie's every need.

When the time comes for me to have another dog I'll call Betsy.  She and her staff are experts in doggie care; they are professional and flexible.  A  truly unique and loving group of women.

Lise took care of Maggie several times when I was away.  She was extremely respectful of my home, and Maggie's needs.  My house was always in great shape when I came home, probably more neat and tidy than when I left! ”

-Patty (dog owner)
Irving Ave S, Minneapolis
In memory of our dear friends Maggie & Portia

“We love These Paws! We're super lucky dogs—we've gotten dog walks from These Paws twice a week for over three years now. (That's 21 dog years!) We can tell when it's a These Paws day, and we run to our crates even before Mom and Dad leave because we're so excited for Betsy or Martha to come. They're our favorite girlfriends! Mom and Dad really like them because they know how well we're taken care of, and they completely trust Betsy and Martha. Mom and Dad also really appreciate that These Paws is flexible if we need to add a day or switch days because of our busy dog schedules. Most of all, Mom and Dad can see that on the days we get walked, when they come home they can tell how happy we are and what a great day we had! And they love reading the little notes we leave telling what we did on our walks. These Paws gets the paws up from us!”

-Frank and Parker

“I really love the days that I get to spend time with Betsy, Nancy, Meg or Martha. They are so lovely and treat me like royalty. Walks in the park, meeting other dogs, tummy rubs, and yummy treats; life could not be any better than this. Sometimes they even get to spend the night with me! My parents really get a kick out of the daily letters too. I am so happy they have been a part of my life the past few years and l look forward to many happy years to come."”


“I have been taking walks and playing with Betsy and her friends at These Paws ever since I was a puppy, and I love them because they always take such good care of me. When I see them arriving to the house to spend time with me, I get so excited, because it is one of my favorite parts of the day. I know my parents are very happy with the quality and dependable service that These Paws have provided over the years, and they know I am in great hands and have a lot of fun every visit.”


“Everyone calls us The Girls but there is nothing girly about controlling 200 lbs of dog when there are places to be smelled and squirrels to terrorize. Or so our mom says. That’s why we rely on Nancy who keeps us under control and protects neighborhood wildlife but still lets us have a glorious sniff of our favorite spots. It is even better when our mom goes out of town and Nancy comes to stay with us in our house. We can snuggle and watch TV in between belly rubs.

With slurps and slobbers, ”

-Keira and Morgan

“I'm very happy whenever Betsy or another of the These Paws team members comes to see me! My mom works long hours and the cats and I really look forward to our daily visits. I get a walk, and we all gets treats, hugs and kisses. The dog walkers know I'm an older gal and they never make me walk too far or too fast — but they also make sure I give it my best effort every day. My mom also likes the thoughtful and helpful things that Betsy's team does around the house, like bringing in packages and even cleaning up our little messes sometimes.... The cats and I don't always agree on everything, but we do agree that any pet would be lucky to have These Paws come and take care of them! ”


“I love my friends from These Paws! Betsy and Martha have been coming to see me for two years and they are so much fun. They walk with me and play with me and give me lots of my favorite snout rubs. They're super nice to my kitty-sibs too. It makes my mom really happy to know that I'm getting all that love and attention while she's at work. She says that it makes my life and her life just that much better.”


“We have been with Nancy and These Paws since we were just babies. We enjoy our walks with Nancy - she is the greatest walker in the world - but even more so, she is another mother to us and someone who loves and cares for us as much as our own mom. Nancy and These Paws have been a life saver for our mom, who has more work to do than she’d like and not as much time to spend with us as she wants to. Nancy walks us, plays with us, gives us treats, love, belly rubs and so much more. We love the Christmas goodie bag she gives us each year and we try to find special cards and treats to let Nancy know how much we all care for her. These Paws has always been there to help out at the last minute, like when our mom’s parents were ill and passed away - we needed Nancy to make extra visits to see us and she made sure we were cared for. Our mom has to go to conferences several times a year and, when possible, Nancy stays with us and that is the best treat ever…she spoils us and lets us sleep with her! We love Nancy and These Paws and will never look anywhere else for walks and overnight stays!”

-Snickers & Doodle

“Hi, my name is Carlos. I fell asleep on Betsy’s lap the day I met her, and since then she’s really gone the extra mile (okay, block) with my big brother and me. Even though we’re always good boys, she leaves Mom and Dad report cards and sometimes even pictures of us after our walks. Her reliable, friendly service has truly exceeded my whole family’s expectations and we’d recommend her to anyone.”

-Carlos (age 6 mos.) and family

“Sidney and Hope love their walks with Betsy. They are always happy to see her! I would recommend Betsy to anyone looking for a dog walker.

-Stacy R. – Owner

“I knew when Betsy came over to my house to meet Hunter and me, he was going to be in the best of hands. She has a wonderful way of interacting with him and it made me feel completely safe that she was going to be with him when I wouldn’t be able to. I love reading what they did on their walks in the cute little notes she leaves’ she definitely goes out of her way to make sure Hunter has a great time on his walks! I’ve already referred her!”

-Nichole B. – Owner

“I may look tough, but Betsy understands me. She knows that underneath my exterior is a goofy sweetheart who just wants to play. Some days Betsy plays fetch with me and other days we go on long walks. Either way, I can’t wait to see her. Especially when she brings those delicious peanut butter treats.”


“I love Betsy. Every day she comes over to play and take me for a walk. She knows all the right places to go, and gets excited right along with me when we see squirrels, chipmunks, and (my personal favorite) bunnies! One time she even tried to chase a squirrel up a tree! (Okay, that was me...) I am so lucky to have a friend like Betsy!”


“I hate to admit it but I just don’t like everyone. Some people want me to like them cuz I am so cute, but really I just couldn’t be bothered. One day, a long time ago, I had a visitor named Betsy. She came in and I knew right then she was going to be a good friend. I laid down real quick so she could rub my tummy and that is when we fell in love. She is always so good to me…taking me for walks, playing ball and keeping clean water in my pool. She even remembers my birthday. She is my best friend. Oh and one other thing. Sometimes my mom’s can’t seem to stay on schedule and Betsy is so willing to come and see me when it works best for me. I really like her for that.”


“So I was lost in the country when someone found me and got me to Minneapolis. Wow, what a sweet life I have now. I get to go exploring in all sorts of cool places like the BWCA and Colorado. But the best thing is my mom’s let me play with Betsy and Nancy when they are at work. They come over, sometimes with a new ball for me to chew on, but mostly they just give me lots of love. And if I am really crazy I can get them to run with me. Man, life sure is better here in the city.”


“Nancy is one of our best friends. She comes each day and is always happy to see us--we know we’re not just another "gig" to her because of the kindness and love she shows us. Dad really likes Nancy too because his schedule is really busy & Nancy is always happy to pitch-in to make sure we are well cared for. We always get a kick out of watching dad read the daily report card Nancy leaves for him because no matter what kind of mood he’s in when he comes home, he always ends up chuckling and immediately comes over to give us a big hug. Dad also tells us how lucky we are to have Nancy in our lives - we couldn’t agree with him more!”

Thanks for all you do Nancy!

-Love, Madison & Cairo

“Betsy has become an important part of our lives. She has been walking Wesley for two years now, and I can’t imagine leaving him in anyone else’s care. Betsy is professional, caring, and a true dog-lover—and Wesley adores her. I leave for work every morning knowing that when I come home, Wesley will be walked, loved, and, most importantly, happy while I’m away. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

-Glen, Owner

E-mail Betsy at or call 612.926.3600 to set-up a free consultation!
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